Many people may recognize in Jukado certain elements commonly associated with Karate and other open-handed martial arts systems. but will quickly recognize Jukado's unique traits in method, message and philosophy. Being a blend of several established disciplines, Jukado sets itself apart with its holistic approach to strengthening the body, mind and spirit. It's this approach to the martial arts that makes Jukado so much more than just punching and kicking.

From Kung Fu we've integrated the graceful movements essential to speed and balance, which reflect the ancient animal styles found throughout our katas or forms. Many of Jukado's self defense applications have their roots in Kung Fu.

As in Karate, Jukado utilizes vital hand and foot strikes designed to be effective in real-life situations, explores the philosophies of hard and soft styles, uses several traditional weapons for both kata and realistic drills, and point sparring.

In Jukado, emphasis is not placed on size and strength but rather on technique. From Aikido we've adopted inner circle movements, techniques for multiple opponent scenarios, and essential joint locks.

Judo forms much of the foundation for the techniques found in Jukado, including hip throws and rolling techniques as well as grappling and falling techniques. We emphasize the importance of learning to roll as a prelude to the finer skills learned later.