With an emphasis on the various techniques that comprise the art of Jukado, there's a place in our co-ed adult classes for all ages and skill levels. Whether your objective is to simply get in shape and shed those extra pounds or take your martial arts to a new level, the wide variety of training exercises will keep you challenged and always moving forward toward your goals.

Our adults students master a variety of essential skills, including an assortment of rolls, self defense techniques, katas and the understanding and use of pressure points to enforce the effectiveness of technique over strength. Jukado is a refined art that avoids flashy techniques and wasted movement, favoring instead short and direct attacks to the body's vital points. What this means in the real world is that anyone, regardless of size and strength, can effectively defend against more powerful opponents.

Along with open-handed techniques, Jukado also requires several weapons proficiencies to progress to the more advanced ranks. Among the traditional weapons used are the bo, the sword, escrima, nunchuku and throwing stars. An education in the history and tradition of the martial arts creates a comprehensive education.

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