WELCOME! For more than a decade, The Greater Portland School of Jukado has trained young and old alike in the martial arts. Developed more than Thirty years ago by Grand Master Terry Suyom Mayer, Jukado combines the traditional arts of Kung Fu, Karate, Aikido and Judo into a refined discipline designed for practical use in real-life situations.

Doshu Allan Viernes has operated The Greater Portland School of Jukado since 1992, when his mother Grand Master Terry Suyom Mayer passed the torch and officially retired. We continue to be family owned and operated and maintain the high standard in teaching established by Grand Master Terry.

Our 8,000 square-foot facility, fully equipped to help you meet your martial arts training and fitness goals, is much more than a dojo. It's a complete martial arts and family fitness center, where the lessons learned extend well beyond the classroom into all aspects of a student's life.

Greater Portland School of Jukado

821 Main Street Westbrook, Maine 04092

phone : (207)854-9408 fax : (207)854-9408